Tennouji Kotarou
Kotarou Tennouji
English Tennouji Kotarou
Japanese 天王寺 瑚太朗


Gender Male
Height 176 cm
Weight 65kg
Hair Colour Light Brown
Eye Colour Amber



Voice Actor
Japanese Masakazu Morita

Tennouji KotarouEdit

Tennouji Kotarou is the protagonist of Rewrite. He is a high school student with a frivolous personality and is known to be arrogant. Though not fully realizing it himself, he meddles in the business of others, and as such tends to get easily drawn into incidents.


Kotarou has Peach skin, Orange eyes, and light brown

colour hair. Kotarou is monstly seen wearing his Kazamatsuri Academy uniform and occasionally wearing a black suit.


Kotarou is an energetic and peverted high school boy which likes to meddle with other peoples problem, which cause him to join the occult club with the other 5 main heroines,which is Kanbe Kotori, Ohtori Chihaya, Senri Akane, Nakatsu Shizuru and Konohana Lucia.Kotorou also likes to tease his classmate, Haruhiko Yoshino, which result Yoshino to pick fights with him.


Common RouteEdit

Kotarou was born in Kazamatsuri City which is surrounded by nature. His parents were both in the Martel Reseach Association and only went home once in a long time. Kotarou, as a child was forced to go with them to a meeting every week in Martel. After going to Martel for a while, he got fed up and refuse to go to the meeting afterwards.

The story continues when he was in high school. He had a childhood friend name Kanbe Kotori and he was in the same class as Kotori. In class, he had a friend named Haruhiko Yoshino which always pick fights with Kotarou

whenever he is irritated or toyed by Kotarou.

One night, Kotarou was asked by Kotori's parents to find Kotori, who went missing.Kotarou knew where she was and went to the forest to find her. He found that the forest surrounding Kazamatsuri was surprissingly quiet, like there is no animals living there.After that, he found Kotori in a deep part of the forest, sleeping. Kotarou then, 'lured' Kotori out of the forest. At the street, Kotori wakes up and was surprised it is dark and thanked Kotarou for bringing her back. Kotori also says that the forest is like a backyard for her.The same night, Kotarou felt like someone was following him and in his bed, someone or something gripped his wrist so hard that it left a mark but eventually disseapears the next day.

Next day, he went outside the school to get a bento since he didnt brought any and the cafeteria was too crowded. When he returned to the school, he found that a transferring student, Ohtori Chihaya, was stucked in a tree and Kotarou help her to get down. After that, Kotarou and Kotori went and find the 'witch' of the school to help Kotarou solve the incident which happened earlier. The witch left a question sheet on the table and Kotaroru answered it. That night, he got a message to sneak to the school to meet the witch at midnight. He found out that the witch of the school is Senri Akane and she gave him some Shikigamis (paper doll) created by the former occult club members. eventually, the Shikigami protected him for the night.

After that, he met with Nakatsu Shizuru in school and was invited by her to have lunch with her. He wandered why is Shizuru's right eye patched.

The next day, Kotarou went to the cafeteria with Yoshino for lunch and ordered him a super spicy parfait to troll Yoshino. But, it was accidently exchanged and the parfait he gave Yoshino was normal but the super spicy parfait was given to the class representive of Kotarou's class, Konohana Lucia. He found that Lucia can withstand super spicy food and he licked the parfait that she had finished to confirm that it was the super spicy parfait. after licking it, he was hitted by Lucia and was called pervert for licking a girl's plate.

Kotarou joined the occult club which was lead by Senri Akane and the other 4 heroines also joined the occult club after sometime. Their normal lives continued for about half a month.

After that, the occult club went to investigate the forest to get an article for the occult club's website. They found that a part of the river was glowing with rainbow colours and any dead animal and plant's bodies was lying beside the glowing river. Then they left the forest without saying anyting. That night, Kotarou messaged Inoue, a school reporter and reported the river in the forest.

The next day, Inoue went into the forest to investigate about it but she went missing in the forest. The occult club was about to be disband because of the incident regarding Inoue's missing. The occult club decided to go into the forest to find the missing Inoue. In the forest, they got splited up and Kotarou was attacked by a pack of wolve familliars. He used a power called 'Aurora' which he has never used it before and killed the wolves. He met up with the other occult members but a Leaf Dragon appeared in the forest and almost killed Kotarou. The leaf dragon went after Kotori, who is seperated with Kotarou to go to the other occult members but was saved by Lucia and Shizuru, which have inhuman strength and agility, Kotarou was knocked out after that by Shizuru and the Main story continues after this.


Kotarou woke up in a place most likely to be earth destroyed by the Key. He found the Key at the top of a hill. He got killed manay times by the Key because he tried to interact with the Key but he coudl'nt die no matter how many times he was cutted into pieces by the Key's ribbon. After he interact with the Key, Kotarou tried to

The graph Kagari was reasearching

understand with the graph that the Key is sitting and researching on is all about. But whenever he tried to look at the graph, his head would feel like blowing because too much information was sent to his head at one time. Kotarou tried to use his Rewrite abilities to rewrite his brain to be more intelligent but was stopped by the Key.

He found out that the Key was researching for a way to let humanity to keep living without being destroying the Key which was summoned to the earth everytime the earth is dying. He found that the Key was summoned to the earth because the earth life energy was going to run out and if it keeps going, the next time the Key destroyes the earth, no life would be created again because the earth dosent have enough life energy to recreate life.

One day, he saw a familliar in the streets and he killed it. He knew that the sender of the fammiliar was Kashima Sakura to destroy the Key to preventing the Key to recreate life. Kotarou tried to warn the Key. He summoned the occult club members and Yoshino to help him defend the Key from the fammilliars sent by Kashima Sakura. He also tried to summon Sakuya but failed and summoned a chuuby version of Sakuya.

Kotarou signed his name on the graph because he wanted sombody to see it after their death but was used by the Key to create another tree of life. Then, the occult club members defended the Key to give her enough time to recreate life in earth.While defending the Key, the real Sakuya appeared and delayed the wave of fammiliar and turned into the Forest fammiliar appeared in the Chihaya route.

In the end, Kotarou gave enough time for the key and was killed by the fammiliars.

Kagari seeing Kotarou off the moon

Kotarou found out that the Key he was with is no the Key of the earth but the Key of the Moon and the hill that he met the Key was at the Moon but was created to look like the earth. The Key bid farewell to Kotarou and the Moon gave enough life energy to the earth for the earth to recreate life.


The truth about Kotarou's past is revealed. He is 10 years older than the heroines. He found out about his rewriting ability and using it to kill familliars without knowing that those were familliars. He had no friends in school and killed familliers to think that he was the saviour of the earth. He was forced into going the Martel meeting with his parents. Once, during breaktime, he met Akane, who is 10 years younger than him. Akane was introduced to him by a person named Iko.

One night, while Kotarou is hunting familliars in the forest, he was approached by a dinosaur familliar which he cannot defeat and a group of superhumans from guardian killed the familliar. Kotarou passed out after that. When Kotarou woke up, he found himself sleeping on a bench. After that, he went back to his normal school life.He then found out that his cell phone was with the group and called his own cellphone. He went and meet Esaka, the group leader to get back his cellphone and was warned by Esaka to not tell people about the incident. He then made friends with Esaka.

When Kotarou gets home, Kotori's family is visiting and they leave Kotiri with him and went out. They then became friends. Kotori got a dog named Pero, wo had been abused by humans before. Pero is unfriendly and scared of humans. Pero ran out at night and was taken back by Kotarou.

Esaka noticed that Kashima Sakura has eyes on Kotarou and offer him to join Guardian. Kotarou joined Guardian and was sent to a training camp. Kotarou was the weakest in the camp and teamed with Imamiya, Nagai and Nishikujou. They finished training camp and got a mission to search and kill the Key since it's almost the harvest festival. Nagai then quits Guardian because of low confidence and lost her powers.

He found Akane in the park and brought her back to Iko. 3 days after the mission began, the team was supposed to guard a remote area but Imamiya and Nishikujou ditched Kotarou and went in the forest. Kotarou went in soon after and found a lot of corpses on the ground. He then finds Akane stucked on a tree and tries to get her down but was attacked by a familliar wolf. He cant defeat the wolf so he grap Akane and ran. After returning Akane to Iko, He went back to the forest to find that the Gaia Earth dragon is killing members of Gurdian.He runs into Kagari, who he knows is the Key and decided to let her go. After that, he decides to not speak about the Key or Akane.

After the Harvest festa, Kotarou decided to go to a country which he joined the peacekeeping army because he felt that he was useless without firearms. He met Louis there and they went on a mission to fight Summoners. They found that the summoners were kids but the commander of Louis and Kotarou shoot them anyway. Kotarou and Louis cant take this anymore and took the kids and ran. On the escape route, a missle attack happens and Louis sacrified himself to save Kotarou and the kids. Kotarou drops the kids at a safe place and sends them cash. He also contact a kid named Jasmine. Shortly after, Esaka calls Kotarou back to Kazamatsuri.

At the hill of Kazamatsuri, Kotarou met Kagari(Key) and Kagari told him that the world is going to be destroyed for new life to be born but the life enerygy of the earth is not enough. She told Kotarou that he must find good memories for the world not to be destroyed.Kotarou agreed to help her. He decides to stop the war between Gaia and Guardian by joining both organization and destroy them both from the inside. He learned how to control familliars in Gaia. He found out that Gaia has an internal conflict between Kashima Sakura and Suzaki. Kotarou then went into the forest to find Kagari but met Kotori instead. Kotori became a druid and her parents are both familliars because they died in a car acccident. Kotori is protecting the Key in a barrier in exchange for her powers. Kotarou tried to stop Kotori because he didnt want Kotori to be involved in the war for the Key.

Kotarou then went and tell Kashima Sakura Suzaki's plan. Kotarou was found out by Suzaki but he managed to convinced him that he did not betray him and gave Suzaki a record of the conversation. Suzaki took Kotarou to a city of stone and told Kotarou his plan to make the Key destroy the world but saving a part of humanity in this world. That night, Kotarou finds Akane wandering in the forest. Akane saw Kagari and Kagari tried to kill Akane but was stopped by Kotarou. He then brings Akane back to Tsukuno(Nagai with a changed name) which is the new caretaker for Akane.

Suzaki founds that Tsukuno was in Guardian and ordered Kotarou to kill her and the next-in line holy maiden(Akane). The plan was to reveal Tsukono's past ,brand her into a traitor and kill them to get a reaction out of Kashima Sakura.Kotarou didnt want to kill Tsukuno or Akane so he sent a message using a leaf bird to Kashima Sakura. Kashima Sakura announced the past of Tsukuno and the next-in line holy maiden is Akane. This result the plan of Suzaki to be foiled. Kashima Sakura found out that Kotarou was not loyal to Gaia and knew his every action.

Kotarou reports his failure to Kagari and Kagari rages at him because he was willing to sacrifice the planet for his small hapiness. Kagari then goes insane and a storm is formed. Kotarou stops the storm by kissing her and told her that he is not doing this for the planet but for her. Kagari then ran away and told Kotarou not to come see her again.

Kotarou still wants to help Kagari so he used Kotori's familliars to kill people. He killed a bunch of people from Gaia and made it look like Kagari did it so nobody suspects him. One day, Gaia sent an eye to look for Kagari. He went after the eye but runs into the earth dragon. Kotarou gets away from the earth dragon and then went along. He saw that the eye was about to kill Kotori so he killed the eye. He yelled at Kotori for her to go home because it's dangerous and Kotori ran away, crying. He finds kagari at the hill and took her to a rented apartment.

Two weeks before the harvest festival, Esaka comes back and dueled Kotorou to test his skills. Esaka prised Kotarou for his improvement and Nishikujou and Imamiya comment how far the three of them had come since the training camp where the three of them were the worst members.

Back at the apartment. Kagari is weakening and saying that there is not enough time. Kotarou and Esaka killed Suzaki so that Gaia is now in control of Kashima. Then, the people and Kotarou started hearing the song of destruction. The holy maiden of Gaia is singing it which forces Kagari to bring destruction. Kotarou decides that tommorow will be the final battle and askes Jasmine to reveal everything about Gaia and Guardian to the world.

Kagari escapes from the apartment by blowing up the whole place and went into the forest. Kotarou goes after her but runs into Kotori instead. He shoots his familliar parents and yelled at Kotori to go home and live a normal life. Kotori ran back home, crying. Kotarou then finds Kagari at the hill. Kagari is very weak because of the song of destruction. Kotarou ran to the Martel to stop the song but he ran into Esaka on the way. They fights and Kotarou dealt a fatal blow to Esaka. Before Esaka dies, Kotarou told him everything about Kagari and what he is doing. Esaka said that he belives in him and then died. Kotarou got arrested by Guardian knowing his betrayal. Kotarou rewrite himself and used the underground passage to go in the Martel temple. There are familliars inside and Nishikujou and Imamiya came and help him knowing his betrayal. He tells them that he will stop the song and ask Nishikujou to help him take care of Kotori.

He goes into the Martel temple and ran into the earth dragon. He rewrite himself further and defeated the earth dragon. Kotarou ran to the roof to find Kashima and the holy maidens dead, except for Iko. Iko tells him that the reost of Martel ran into the city of stone to evacuate. He knew that it was a trap laid by Kashima Sakura because he knew that Kashima Sakura wanted no one to live. He went there and tried to convinced the poeple to get out but none of them cared. He grabed Akane and ran out with her. He gave Akane 4 familliars to protect her and told her to get help from anyone.

Kotarou rewrite himself further to ran faster to Kagari but was warned by Sakuya that Kotarou will never be able to turn back. Kotarou starts remembering every event that happened at the Moon and belives that he was tied together with Kagari before he was born. He tells Sakuya that he must save Kagari no matter what and rewrite himself further.

Kotarou ran to the hill and meets with the long-haired Kagari. Kagari thanked Kotarou and regret that she should've known his feelings sooner. Kagari told Kotarou that he did well andleft hope to the world but he has to kill her. They confessed to each other and kissed. Kotarou and Kagari then became the ord of light in the title screen.

The world was saved by Kotarou and the child version of Kotori, Chihaya, Akane, Shizuru and Lucia met with Nishikujou and she took care of all all them. The informatino about Gaia, Guardian and Kotarou's act to save the world was all told by Jasmine and sent to the internet.

The world then goes though an ice age outside of Kazamatsuri. A huge tree can be seen at the hill. It grew 500 meters in the past 3 years and rumored that it is trying to reach the moon. The tree is Kotarou and Kagari. The 5 heroines, now high school, went and investigate the tree since it grew imposibly fast. They summon Kotarou as a familliar and named him 'Pochi' . He refused the job as a familliar and said that he had a more important job to do, going to the moon. Kotarou, Kotori, Chihaya, Akane, Shizuru and Lucia went to the moon and finds a seedling sprouting on the surface of the moon.(which is imposible to sustain life)


Kanbe KotoriEdit

Kotori is Kotarou's childhood friend and is in the same class as Kotarou.She is also a member of the Occult club. Kotarou plays with Kotori in the forest when they were kids. Kotarou confessed to Kotori once in middle school but was rejected by Kotori. Kotori was revealed to be a druid which protects the key for summonner's power. Kotarou helped Kotori in the forest to protect the Key.

Ohtori ChihayaEdit

Kotarou met with Chihaya the first day Chihaya was transferring and helped her to get down from a tree. She is in the same class as Kotarou and was also in the occult club. Shihaya was revealed to be a summoner in Gaia and had the most powerful fammiliar, Ohtori Sakuya.

Senri AkaneEdit

Akane is the president of the occult club which Kotarou joined. She helped Kotarou by giving him Shikigami to protect him. She was revealed to be the holy woman for Gaia but she is weak at using the fammiliars.

Nakatsu ShizuruEdit

Shizuru is in the public moral commitee in school and first met Kotarou when she was trying to get to a meeting but lost her way there. Shizuru is also a member of the occult club. She is revealed to be a superhuman in Guardian and her right eye is yellow in colour because of a disease.

Konohana LuciaEdit

Lucia is the class representive of Kotarou's class and also a occult club member. She is also reavealed to be a superhuman in Guardian. Lucia's story didnt go through the Leaf dragon scenario but started when Kotarou investigate the curse of Asahi Haruka.

Sakuya OhtoriEdit

Sakuya is Chihays's fammiliar and they first met in the occult club room. Sakuya is cold towards Kotarou and always calling him names.

Haruhiko YoshinoEdit

Yoshino is Kotarou's classmate and always pick fights with Kotarou. Yoshino is always toyed by Kotarou and was angried at Kotarou for toying with him.

Nishikujou ToukaEdit

Nishikujou is a teacher in Kotarou's school and helped him when he was in Gaia. Nishikujou is also in the same team as Kotarou in Guardian which is stated in the Terra route.

Sougen EsakaEdit

Kotarou and Esaka met the first time at a ramen shop. They became friends after. Esaka is the one who invited Kotarou into Guardian in the Terra route.

Arata ImamiyaEdit

Imamiya was Kotarou's classmate in Terra route and is also in the same team with Kotarou in Guardian. He saved Kotarou from being cheated in the common route.


Inoue is Kotarou's school reporter and Kotarou likes to send reports of supernatural things to Inoue.


Shimako is in Gaia with Kotarou and took a liking to Kotarou. She likes to go the the occult room to play with Kotarou. Kotarou took care of Shimako.


Kotarou met Jasmine in Terra where he was training in a war-country. She stays in contact with Kotarou after Kotarou returned to Kazamatsuri. She helped Kotarou to spread the word about Guardian, Gaia and Kotarou saving the world.


Kotarou has two abilities which is Rewrite and Aurora..


Kotarou has the Rewrite ability which he can use it to accelerate all parts of his body at the cost of life force(life span)

Rewrite is like an accelerator with no brakes so once Kotarou uses it, he cannot change it back to normal and everytime he uses it, Kotarou will become closer in becoming a familliar.


Aurora is like materializing life force into Aurora colored things. Kotarou uses the Aurora ability at the cost of his life force.There are a number of Aurora weapons Kotarou can use.

  • ===Aurora 3-blade dagger===

Kotarou can use his Aurora to materialize a dagger with 3 blades

  • ===Aurora two-handed Sword===

Kotarou forms a blade by cutting his wrist and uses 2 hands to use the blade

  • ===Aurora familliar===
Kotarou summons a familliar using his Aurora. The familliar has a mind of its own and attacks anything around it.
  • ===Aurora spike===
 Kotarou sends spikes out from his hand using his Aurora. The spikes materialize in mid air.
  • ===Aurora spear===
 Kotarou forms a spear out of his hand and shoots it to his target